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Welcome to Grandview Farms! We know that you have lots of choices for how you spend your free time and appreciate you stopping by to learn a little bit more about what we are doing here on the farm. At Grandview we are focused on 3 things – using traditional farming practices, optimizing animal welfare, and delivering best in class meat that is both nutritious, delicious and raised without the use of antibiotics and hormones.

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Our family farm is located in Thornbury, Ontario where our cows are fed grass and pigs are pasture raised. These happy animals are free to roam amongst annual crops and are finished on local apples and pears. Only the best for our animals results in only the best for you! The result of these efforts is meat that is exceptionally delicious, well marbled and most important, extremely healthy. We’re not really the bragging type but here are a few things we thought you should know:

*The winner of the Toronto 2014 Gold Medal Plate was Chef John Horne of Canoe (Congrats John!). He wowed the judges using Grandview Farms’ Short Ribs glazed with tree syrups. The beef was extraordinarily tender and we are very proud that he won using beef from Grandview.

*Our Grass Fed beef was named by the “Book for Men” as the Best Steak in Canada.

*Tested by U of T nutritionists, Grandview beef is shown to be 300% healthier than commodity beef, with an Omega 6 to 3 ratio of 4.9:1. A great way to get your Omega 3’s. We’re excited for you to try Grandview Farm meat because we are confident you will love it and because you deserve it. Go on! Treat yourself!


What we do isn’t common (unfortunately) and because of that we are assuming you have a few questions about what makes us different. Please send your question, and we’ll get you a response as quickly as we can.

For more information about grass fed butter and dairy, click to check out our sister line, Rolling Meadow Dairy!

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